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Toriko 396 spoiler[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions6

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Toriko Spoilers!!!Toriko 396 Prediction and Discussions!!!

Toriko 396  Spoilers:

The color page is Komatsu and Toriko preparing for a new journey

Time passes to a few years after Toriko and Rin’s wedding.

Ootake has fulfilled his goal of building an orphanage where GOD is served.

Nakaume has converted his home into a cooking school where he is a professor.

Komatsu is traveling with Toriko every day, as always.

Their next destination is outer space.

They will solve the mysteries of the Gourmet Eclipse and the Furthest Lands, and the true form of Toriko’s white demon.

And with this, Toriko is completed.

(There may be news incoming about a new series)

Toriko 396 Spoilers Full Translation

Translated by MNS

Status: Confirmed

Komatsu: Woooow So this is the new Otogi Castle!! It’s such a fairy tail! An orphange that serves GOD. You finally fulfilled your dream!

Ootake: Thank you Komatsu! The IGO and the Saiseiya have given us all the support necessary to create this castle! It’s not just about childcare but we also aim to achieve other things!

Komatsu: Well you can eat GOD here… I guess even adults want to be a part of this. My dream is that the children that grow up here will be able to be grow up and fulfill their dreams

Ootake: Yes… even if they fail, they are welcome to come back. We will welcome them back with warm food and the King of all food, GOD! We will embrace them in this Fairy Tale World

Ootake: Oh by the way… How is Ume Chan doing?

Komatsu: Ume chan is teaching cooking at a famous school. He was one of the chefs that prepared GOD so the applications to become his student isn’t stopping

Ootake: Haha let’s hope his hair won’t turn white because of the stress. So you are as usual going to adventures with your legendary partner?

Komatsu: Ph yes! Toriko san was actually calling me. I have to hurry up. See you again Take chan!

Ootake: Aren’t you busy… Wait where are you going next? Komatsu chan?

Komatsu: We are going to the outer space!!!

Ootake: S…Space? Be…Be careful!


Komatsu: Toriko Saaaan!

Toriko: Hey! You are late Komatsu!

Komatsu: I am sorry I was visiting Take chan at his new orphanage. What a nice weather it is today! The sun…is actually back again…Sunny!!!

Toriko: Oh yeah! I finally found the reason for the Gourmet Eclipse.

Komatsu: What! Really???

Toriko: Yeah it wasn’t all that special! Apparently an invisible Gourmet Satellite was covering the Sun

Komatsu: Gourmet Satellite? What’s that?

Toriko: It’s apparently a Gourmet Ingredient that is made of Gourmet Matter. Originally, the Nitros were the ones who created it to cook a planet

Komatsu: A gourmet ingredient?! So it’s basically super huge cooking tool?!

Toriko: Yeah that’s basically it

Komatsu: The scale is way too big for me to make sense of it. Maybe…Just maybe there is a frypan to cook stars….

Toriko: There apparently is!

Komatsu: Wait there is?

Toriko:Way back then the Demon Kings were the users and there is this fairy tale there were eating a bit of the Sun. It could actually be true

Komatsu: Wh…What do you mean?

(I skipped a small part of it as the translating it is a bit tough. Sorry about it)

Toriko: Listen to this story. It’s about my appetite.

Komatsu: Your appetite…?

(The cover Pic is apparently Toriko talking about this story)

Toriko: Then the guys actually told me a lot of stories! Apparently this place called the Furthest Lands is a place where the Gourmet Gods used to live and then an Appetite Inflation occurred which caused the Gourmet Power to explode and this is basically how the Gourmet Big Ban happened. As the expansion of the space and an incredible amount of food was spread all over the space. And one Family of the Gods that protected a particular food is… “The Full Course of the Stars” And this family also got separated because of the Big Ban’s Power. And after years have passed, the Gourmet Energy eventually formed different planets with different colors. But even then the Gods continued to protect the Full Course at the different planets. Even if the preference of taste changes as the years go on, their only wish was that this full course will bring them together one day. The Father embraced the black colour, the mother White, The big Brother Red, The Next Brother Green, and the Third brother embraced the colour Blue.


Komatsu: Uhm… It actually remember me of Acacia’s Family.

---Spoliers End---


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